Creative Dance-Terrific Twos and Threes
For our youngest dancers, Creative dance provides an introduction to dance and encouragement of self-expression. Instruction includes developmentally appropriate activities in movement, music, coordination and an introduction to ballet.

For our 3 year olds taking the class above for the 2nd year, we are incorporating 15 min. of tap instruction, immediately after the 45 min. creative dance class into a One Hour Class. (Instructor Approval Applies)

Pre-Ballet/Tap (Combination Class
This is an introduction to ballet and tap.   This class presents activities and instruction in poise, grace, proper dance alignment, ballet theory and technique, as well as basic tap steps and rhythms and applying them to music with counts.  Exposure to dance combinations and simple dances will enhance the class experience.  

Pre-Jazz/Tap (Combination Class)
This is an introduction to jazz and tap.  This class presents instruction in basic turns, balance and flexibility as well as basic tap steps and rhythms and applying them to music with counts.  Exposure to dance combinations and simple dances will enhance the class experience.

Pre-Jazz/Ballet(Combination Class) **In it’s 2nd year, this class was a hit last year**
This is an introduction to ballet & jazz. This is a new class this year developed by Miss Kelly. “ I feel ballet technique goes hand in hand with every form of dance, but is a direct reflection in jazz technique.” I want my youngest dancers to get ballet technique at a young age, to understand and appreciate the art form and by combining it with jazz will allow them the basic understanding how to use both forms together.” Description is listed above in the Pre-Ballet and Pre-Jazz.

Ballet, known as the root of dance is taught to all ages and at a variety of levels.  We strongly encourage our students to partake in this form of dance as it is used in almost all facets of dance. This form of dance is strongly encouraged to take with any jazz or lyrical class even at the beginning levels, to ensure the proper level of technique is fulfilled to grow.

We have an excellent staff of ballet teachers this year, from the all over the world, currently in Chicago and dancing with Joffrey Ballet, Luna Negra Theatre, Milwaukee Ballet and Hubbard Street Dance.

This advanced ballet class incorporates both soft shoe as well as training en pointe.  Your instructor will inform you when you have reached the level in your training that will allow you to begin training "sur la pointe". This means on the points.  The raising of the body to the tips of the toes.  First introduced in the late 1820's at the time of Taglioni.  It is very harmful to the body to begin pointe training before approx. 11 years of age.

This class introduces fundamental principles of modern dance and will build each week. Basic movement concepts such as alignment, musicality, and center work will be taught. 

Lyrical classes are taught to those 9 and older.  Classes are conducted in such a way that a story is conveyed to the audience through physical dance movements.  The student has the ability to express him/herself openly and without reservation.  Our lyrical classes combined dance movements such as ballet, jazz, and modern dance.  These learned techniques when applied, show an intense outpouring of emotion. (Ballet Class is strongly recommended)

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

Hip Hop
Dance to your favorite hip-hop & pop music and learn all the current dance steps from today's popular music videos! This program is a high-energy dance experience.  Hip Hop combines stretching, toning, and across the floor combinations to learn the “funk” that hip hop needs and a routine to bring it all together.

Intro to Hip Hop
Open to our youngest dancers inspiring to be on MTV, Dancers must be at least 4-7 years of age. Miss Kelly uses special techniques to incorporate the hottest hip hop moves into a vocabulary and movement our youngest dancers can understand in a FUN & FUNKY ENVIRONMENT!!!

BOYS ONLY Hip Hop- Minimum age 5
CALLING ALL BOYS!!!! Does your son love to hip hop at home? Does he dance in front of MTV and spin on his head?

Then get him in this BOYS ONLY HIP HOP CLASS, Boys will learn basic-intermediate hip hop choreography combined with an introduction to break dancing….. So boys get on your baggy pants & Gym Shoes and come out & dance!!!!!!!

BOYS ONLY Tap-Minimum Age 4 **NEW FOR 2010/2011**
Get your boys in this class, Introduction to basic tap fundamentals, across the floor, and routine combinations will be taught in a fun learning environment and with a Boys Only Flair & Funk. We’ve trained some phenomenal award winning boys tappers to the National Level, Don’t Miss Out!!!!

Musical Theatre
Incorporating elements of dance, acting, and performance techniques, Musical Theatre students ages 7 and up learn what it takes to become "Broadway bound"!!  This is an excellent class to bring out the personality in any dancer. (Great for dancers to work on facial expressions)

Pom & Cheer with Basic Stunts & Drills **NEW** for 2010/2011
The poms class focuses on preparing dancers for Cheer & Pom, Has your daughter always wanted to stunt but is afraid? Do you want to learn pom passes? This class can prepare for that, and will also aide in prepping for high school, college, or professional dance teams. The class teaches sharp, clean motions through across the floor and pom combinations. This class also concentrates on the many “skills” that are required by dance teams.

Body Toning
*Children & Adult Level Classes Available*

Get a Whole Body Workout with an emphasis on abdominal training. This Class incorporates a balanced series of strengthening exercises for the major muscle groups using different equipment and body techniques. Stronger Bodies dance Longer & Harder! Students will need the following: 1 set of small weights (5 lbs or less) & (1) Jump Rope. Any other fitness equipment if beneficial, Such as: Medicine Balls, Fitness Balls or Bosu.

Tumbling **NEW** for 2010/2011
Does your dancer want to Tumble & Learn to Flip Flop & Stunt, Then look no further…. This class will aide in just that, as well as increase flexibility and provide the proper skills to combine tumbling & gymnastics with a dancer backround.

Beginner tumbling classes increase coordination, strength, and flexibility while performing tumbling moves on fundamental matting. Young athletes will also practice listening & memorization skills, skill recognition, body awareness and body control. Youth athletes with knowledge of the fundamentals will begin working back hand springs, back tucks, and other tumbling and somersaulting skills. During each class, athletes will practice skill building drills, work on the proper execution of skills already learned and practice new skills in order to set new goals.



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