Program Objective

Our lessons are planned so that dancers will:

  1. be safe.
  2. feel secure.
  3. receive individual attention and encouragement.
  4. develop self-discipline.
  5. experience success in order to develop a positive self-image.
  6. develop dance skills.


Statement of Philosophy

  1. We believe in the value of fair treatment of all people.
  2. We believe teaching the art of dance is an honor.
  3. We believe each student is an individual and should be treated with respect and encouragement.
  4. We believe bringing out the best in each dancer is important.
  5. We believe that each child has different talents and it’s our job to develop them to the fullest.
  6. We believe that dance is a tool, which can help children develop a positive self-image.
  7. We believe that children deserve to have teachers who are capable and caring and whose values enable them to be excellent role?models.
  8. Children are always accepted to our studio regardless of race, creed, national origin or sex.

Common Courtesy

The staff and management of Aspirations spends countless hours in bringing you the nicest and cleanest studio in the area. Please respect the property and its belongings.

Missed Class Make-up Policy

If a student misses a class it can be made up during the month in which they were absent. No refund will be given for missed classes. Classes that are cancelled by the studio will be rescheduled.

Snow or bad weather Policy

If at any time it is necessary to cancel lessons due to bad weather such as snow and ice, there will be a recorded message on the answering machine after 2:30 P.M. for the evening classes that will say “Classes have been canceled”. Please do not ask for us to call you back and let you know if classes are canceled. We just don’t have enough time to call everyone back. There will be NO reduction of tuition. All classes cancelled will be rescheduled. Please do not assume dance class is cancelled if your school is cancelled.

Costume Policy for the Recital & Recital Fee

When registering, the annual recital is automatically part of the class and choreography will be taught accordingly ,anyone not wanting to participate in the recital must give written notification to the front desk.  We will then, not include your child in actual placements and just teach them technical elements and choreography, as part of the class. Each family will be billed a $40 (non refundable Recital Fee.

This fee covers the following:
Administrative fees, stage crew, stage sets, lighting & sound & additional, music editing, employees & personnel.

All studio account balances must be PAID in FULL to receive costumes for the show.
Recital Fees are non refundable

Parent Observation Days

Classes will be conducted with the doors closed. It is very disturbing to the students and the teachers when there is a lot of noise in the lobby. ??During the month of September, parents may view their child’s entire class through the viewing window. Starting in October, the curtains will be closed for the entire class; however, the 1st lesson of each month the curtain will be open during the last 5 – 10 minutes of class.To avoid distraction to the class, parents will view through the viewing window. Parents will not be permitted into the dance room for any reason!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available at an extra charge of $20.00 per 1/2 hour. These may be used for extra practice, if you have missed several lessons and need to catch up or if you are looking for direct help in a certain area. Or for stretching for flexibility purposes, Enrollment is very limited. Talk to the front desk!


Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. It is important that your child attends dance class every week. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. If a student misses too many lessons they may fall behind the rest of the class and may be asked not to perform in the recital.


Once recital choreography is being taught, if a student misses more than (3) classes, they must take private lessons with the instructor at $20.00 per half hour to catch up. It is very distracting when a student comes back after prolonged absences and does not know the material. It prevents the instructor from going on with the rest of the class. If the student does not complete these private lessons they will be removed from the recital piece.

Please call in all lateness & absences to the front desk or leave a message with the students name and time of class for that day. This is a safety measure as well as respect to the instructor of any given class.

Tuition Payment Plans

If you need to go on a weekly or bi-weekly payment plan for your family’s tuition account. Please schedule a meeting with a member of our staff. These are available by putting a credit or debit card on file or with a checking account on file. IOU’s are not acceptable any longer.

End of the year Awards

There will be a Formal Banquet in the spring. Additional Fees will apply. Every student registered September through May will receive a trophy and we will also be giving out Special Achievement awards, and Scholarship Awards.

Recital Rehearsal Policy

A mandatory rehearsal will be held. All students must rehearse all of their numbers at the rehearsal or they will not be permitted to perform in the recital.

Picture Day TBA

Recital Day TBA

Recital and Recital Ticket Policy

TBA for 2013

Quarterly Newsletter

A newsletter will be sent home with your child the first week of each Quarter. If your child does not come home with one, please pick one up at the studio. You can also view the monthly newsletter on our bulletin board. Please read every newsletter. Very important information is located on these newsletters. Please keep them for further reference, as they will answer many of your questions.

Studio Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is available with announcements and a Tuition Reminder Due Date for you to view and read. Please take the time to scan the Parent Board regularly to keep informed of studio happenings and/or announcements.

Lobby Rules

  1. Students must wait inside the building to be picked up
  2. No student is permitted to leave the building without an adult
  3. Please try to keep the lobby as quiet and clean as possible
  4. Students must use the shelves and the hangers for their ?belongings, please do not set them on the lobby chairs
  5. Please do not interrupt the teacher while the class is in session. If you need to speak to the teacher, please do so before or after the class. If necessary, you may make an appointment
  6. Please do not let children bang on the vending machines!
  7. No tapping or knocking on the viewing windows!
  8. We are not responsible for unsupervised children!!! Please keep track of your children and keep all activities in our children’s play area.

Classroom Rules

  1. No food or drinks of any kind are permitted in the dance room. You?must keep all food and drinks in the lobby, including water! Students?are not permitted to chew gum in the dance room!!
  2. Absolutely no street shoes on the dance floor!!!! That means everyone!?(street shoes are what you wear into the building) If street shoes are worn on the flooring, an additional fee will be applied to your personal account, to cover the costs of clean-up and or repair
  3. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside for any reason!! They are to be worn inside only!! Please do not put your shoes on until you are in the dance studio itself. Even wearing your dance shoes on the carpet, can damage our dance floors
  4. All students must be in proper dress code while attending class. Appropriate shoes must also be worn to all classes
  5. Short hair must be secured off of the face. Long hair must be in a ponytail, bun, or braid
  6. All tap shoes must have elastic or buckles or tap ties. (Tap ties can be purchased in our dance store)
  7. Parents are not permitted to walk their children into the dance room. The teacher will greet them at the door and bring them into the classroom. Please do not go into the classroom to pick them up. After the class is over the teacher will bring them out to the lobby. We want to keep our dance floor new and clean for as long as possible
  8. Class will be conducted with the doors closed. This will avoid any?distraction from the lobby
  9. Please make sure you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to class
  10. Children should not touch the mirrors or the viewing windows
  11. Absolutely no running in the classroom

Discard Policy

The studio reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:

  1. Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees
  2. Not observing the rules of the studio
  3. Child has special needs which we cannot adequately meet with our?current staffing patterns
  4. Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child


You are the best judge of your child’s health and we trust you will not bring a sick child to the studio. However, if in the opinion of the teaching staff your child is sick, we will call you to come and pick-up your child. The following criteria will be considered in determining if your child must go home

  1. fever of 100 degrees or more
  2. inflammation of the eyes
  3. vomiting
  4. an incidence of diarrhea
  5. communicable disease


Aspirations Dance Company does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs it its understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.


All studio fundraisers are voluntary. If you decide to participate, you will receive a list of what to sell and how much money will go into your own account. Each student who participates will have their own account for their own earnings. All earnings can be used for lessons, recital fees, dancewear, costumes, shoes, etc. You decide where you want your money to go. We will be offering a variety of fundraisers for you to choose from, if you wish to participate. All Fundraisers are great money savers for you & your family. We encourage participation!


Contact Us

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  • 630-889-JAZZ (5299)
  • [email protected]
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