4 Ways Dance Can Change Your Life

To dance is to live, or so they say. Dance is a part of the human experience, and has been all throughout recorded history. Why is it that human beings are so entranced by the rhythmic movement of a person’s body set to music?

Because dance is transformative. In fact, we believe that learning to dance at Aspirations Dance Company can change your life. Not sold? Read on to learn how, or better yet, sign up for a free trial class with us.

Woman sitting at desk with her hand on her back

Better Posture

So much of dance is dependent on building great posture. You’ll be holding your posture while you dance… and even when you stop dancing. As you continue to develop as a dancer, the rigorous training our experienced instructors will work with you on can improve your overall posture, which can improve your overall health as well.

Happy woman stretching

Stronger Mind-Body Awareness

Mind-body awareness is the innate sense that your mind is tracking what your body is doing. If you fidget often, struggle with coordination, or think that you might be inherently clumsy, consider dancing as a non-invasive treatment. There’s no wrong way to dance, even if you’ve got two left feet!

Happy woman standing on a scale

You Could Lose Weight

Dancing is mentally and physically demanding. When you dance you make use of all your muscle groups and get plenty of cardio, too, making it a fun and rewarding exercise.

3 happy women dancing

Expand Your Circle

One thing dancers can attest to is the friendships they’ve built with other members of their troupe. Dancing helps bring people together, whether you’re practicing at our dance studio in Illinois, or you’re tearing it up at your sister’s wedding.

If you’ve got the urge to move your body, we’ve got a place for you. Join Aspirations Dance Company for a free trial class today!